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Master Neurolinguist (NLP)



Self-hypnosis MP3 downloads (English UK) to stop smoking and aid relaxation.


 Sleep Well - self-hypnosis English MP3 download.


 This download takes you to a wonderful warm, relaxing beach.


 Each night you drift off into a wonderful night's sleep.


 Awaking at the appropriate time to start your day,   feeling relaxed, invigorated and energised.


  Be a non-smoker today,  English self-hypnosis MP3 download.


 Choose to become a non-smoker today. The sooner you start, the sooner you will succeed.


 The more you listen to this recording, the more help your inner intelligence will find,


 You would never believe becoming a non-smoker could be so easy.


All titles have been adapted and recorded by Accredited Hypnotherapist, Sally Harding. Titles available include...

Relax beach


If you require something specific, email: sally.harding.c-t@outlook.com. I'll put something together for you.


  Stress buster and relaxation - self-hypnosis English MP3 download.


 This recording takes you on a wonderful, peaceful, relaxing journey.


 Now, imagine, you are on holiday, you leave your fabulous hotel


 and go for a walk in the stunning countryside...imagine what you will find...





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Be Happy, Now!! - English self-hypnosis MP3 download.


This 45 minute MP3 recording, helps you to Be Happy Now!!


During this process blood supply is drawn to positive areas of your brain,


stimulating new neural networks to be formed. Listen to this recording, daily.



Healthy chest and lungs. - English self-hypnosis MP3 download.

This recording is used to reduce the signs and symptoms of:

asthma, chest infections, pleurisy, bronchitis, lung cancer, etc.


Suitable for all ages.

For best results listen to this recording everyday for at least 6 weeks, or until

your situation reduces.


Then continue to listen weekly, to ensure reduction of symptoms.

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asthma lungs